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Capua Top 100 Employers of 2022

We have assessed the UK Insurance, Accounting, Sustainability, and Management Consulting  industries to create a definitive list of the top ranking employers that are currently hiring.

100,000+ candidates
3.6m+ datapoints
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How we select the Capua Top 100 Employers

Under 10,000 employees

Our Top 100 Employers list is made largely of SMEs and entirely of companies with less than 10,000 employees

Actively hiring
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To keep this list relevent to job seeking candidates, you must be actively hiring to qualify

Sustainable focus
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Measured case by case, Capua's sustainability criteria ensure companies that we believe to be genuinely good for the planet make our list.

Capua Top 100 Employers of 2022

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Annabel Harrison
Project Manager @ Capua

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