Access to 100,000+ top junior candidates

At Capua we have built an exclusive network of the UK’s best junior candidates by offering value-add tools in exchange for the right to contact them

100,000+ candidates
3.6m+ datapoints
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How Capua consistently delivers the best talent

Exclusive access to 100,000+ candidates

Are you a top business with plans to hire the best junior (0-4 years work experience) candidates? Capua helps businesses find and recruit the best talent, from cybersecurity analysts to undergraduate economists

Advanced ML processing of candidate data

We leverage our proprietary network of ~100,000 top junior candidates and unique sourcing tools to ensure we deliver the best quality candidates in a fast, accurate and cost-efficient way

Expert delivery teams

We offer two support levels to provide the best RoI for your business: Capua Success only Recruitment Support and Capua Campaign Recruitment Support

'Capua's network is vastly superior to any other that we've come across'

An industry leading network of top candidates

Top level candidates

Capua has an industry-leading proprietary data base

Female candidates

Capua invests heavily in maintaining a representative network

First year retention rate

Capua has an industry-leading first year retention rate driven by accurate placements

Role fill rate

Capua takes a bespoke approach to each new role to maximise our success rate

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Input Data
Capua has access to exclusive and innovative candidate sources which all feed directly into our wider talent pool
Network of 100,000+ exclusive academic and technical candidates
University Societies
Capua is partnered with 100s of STEM and business societies who all help promote opportunities to recent graduates
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Online Advertising
Capua runs targeted advertising campaigns to attract top candidates to our content and tools with a focus on technical quality and skills.
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Brand Ambassadors
Capua has a network of academic and professional brand ambassadors who spread the word about the platform both on and offline.
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Candidate Events
Capua hosts regular hiring events which both attracts new talent and keeps are existing network extremely engaged.
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Social Media
Capua and the team have a combined 80,000 followers across platforms, which we leverage to promote exciting opportunities.
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Capua's Top Employer lists generate a lot of interest from the media and company press releases keeping us front of mind!
Candidates pushed to Capua Engine


AI & ML Data Processing
Capua uses advanced data analytics and machine learning to accurately to accurately search for candidates that are most likely to be currently job-seeking.
Advanced Analytics and AI processing of potential candidates
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3.1 million data points
Capua's data-base of both organic signups and external data sources allow us to create accurate modelling of candidate movement.
Machine Learning models
Capua applies advanced ML models to our datasets allowing us to accurately predict candidate movements. e.g. predicting when a candidate is statistically most likely to change look for a new role.
Data Enrichment
Alongside our extensive data set we regularly run enrichment scripts to keep our models up-to-date allowing us to factor in changes in the sentiments and wider economy.
Candidates pushed to Capua Delivery Team


Expert human curation
Capua's expert team all have top university and professional background.
Expert human curation from a high-performing, professional team of talent experts
Capua's team is made up of Talent Associates and Project Managers who are passionate about delivering the best possible to talent to partners' organisations.

As part of a search, all of our employer partners are assigned a full sourcing team including:

Project Manager
Talent Associate - technical focus
Talent Associate - commercial focus
Content & Branding Manager
Remaining candidates delivered to client


Output data - top candidates
Capua system allows us to deliver the very best candidates on the market to our clients time and time again.
Available in 4 weeks
Harry Bailey
Imperial College London. 21
MEng Engineering
Algorithm Design
Algorithm Design
Algorithm Design
Available immediately
Harry Bailey
Imperial College London. 21
MEng Engineering
Algorithm Design
Algorithm Design
Algorithm Design
Top candidate academic, technical and commercial candidates
Capua's network, data processing and team means we will always deliver the best possible candidates to our clients

To date we have delivered 1000s of candidates and made 100s of placements, get in touch today see how we can support you.

Streamline your hiring with Capua

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