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About Capua

Founded in 2019, Capua seeks to connect the best junior talent with exciting and innovative companies.

We pride ourselves on delivering value to our clients through exceptional customer service, industry leading candidates and a professional can-do attitude.

We’re currently going through a period of growth, hiring across a number of roles internally, view our live vacancies here.

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Building a business that excels

How we support businesses

Are you a top business with plans to hire the best junior (0-4 years work experience) candidates for your business? Capua helps businesses find and recruit the best talent, from Cybersecurity analysts to undergraduate economists

Our differentiators

We leverage our proprietary network of ~100,000 top junior candidates and unique sourcing tools to ensure we deliver the best quality candidates in a fast, accurate and cost-efficient way

Our different Recruitment Support services

We offer two support levels to provide the best RoI for your business: Capua Success only Recruitment Support and Capua Campaign Recruitment Support

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Meet the team behind Capua

Join the team
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