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At Capua we have built an exclusive network of the UK’s best junior candidates by offering value-add tools in exchange for the right to contact them

For employers, Capua provides end-to-end hiring support to place these highly qualified job-seekers in their businesses

100,000+ candidates
3.6m+ datapoints
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Which sectors we support

Capua has successfully supported employers across a range of sectors with their hiring efforts. We leverage 3.6M+ data points to ensure we only recommend the most relevant candidates 

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Trusted by over 150 London businesses

Top level candidates

Capua has an industry-leading proprietary data base

Female candidates

Capua invests heavily in maintaining a representative network

First year retention rate

Capua has an industry-leading first year retention rate driven by accurate placements

Role fill rate

Capua takes a bespoke approach to each new role to maximise our success rate

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How can Capua help your business

How we support businesses

Are you a top business with plans to hire the best junior (0-4 years work experience) candidates? Capua helps businesses find and recruit the best talent, from cybersecurity analysts to undergraduate economists

Our differentiators

We leverage our proprietary network of ~100,000 top junior candidates and unique sourcing tools to ensure we deliver the best quality candidates in a fast, accurate and cost-efficient way

Our different Recruitment Support services

We offer two support levels to provide the best RoI for your business: Capua Success only Recruitment Support and Capua Campaign Recruitment Support

Recruit the very best junior candidates
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How our Success-only Recruitment Support works

Capua Success-only Recruitment Support is a recruitment search service with a success fee charged per hire - 
this is suitable for businesses with ad-hoc hiring  requirements looking to maximise flexibility

Candidate sourcing and screening

Alongside other channels, we leverage proprietary technology to select and source the best talent from our network of 100,000+ candidates.

We provide bi-weekly updates on the progress of your search, we aim to deliver a shortlist of top candidates within 48 hours of the search launch

Bespoke project design and recommendations

Using our internal expertise alongside additional data sources we provide recommendations on job descriptions, salary levels and the best outreach channels

We provide a dedicated Project Manager to lead your project alongside a wider team

Candidate delivery and process management

Our screening consists of two stages; a cultural fit and technical fit round - this is responsible for our 35% interview to placement rate. We can also add bespoke screening stages on request.

We also provide full support with interview scheduling, offer management/negotiation alongside finally contract signing and onboarding.

How our Hiring Campaign Recruitment Support works

Capua’s Hiring Campaign support is fixed fee ongoing hiring support, it is suitable for businesses looking to take on new hires regularly or in larger cohorts, for example graduate schemes or for new team development

Hiring campaign scoping, consulting and design

We leverage our experienced team, network and internal research capabilities to fully understand your hiring goals and priorities

Our in depth analysis of your company  requirements, interview and screening process, budget, timelines, D&I goals and more

A full hiring campaign is then designed with recommendations on target profiles, sourcing strategy, screening process and more

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Campaign delivery
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We fully manage your hiring campaign, from content creation through to candidate screening and interview management

Algonside other channels, we leverage proprietary technology to select and source the very best talent from our network of 100,000+ candidates

We conduct our standarad 2-stage screening alongisde bespoke screening


Ongoing support and candidate management

Your dedicated account manager proactively monitors your campaign to ensure you get the best posibble return on investment

We support with interview and offer management and can support with formal pre-employment background checks to provide you the best experience possible


Success Stories.

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Capua helps 100s of companies access and recruit the best UK talent


"Capua has been instrumental in helping us grow our team of graduates and juniors over the past 12 months, they have consistently delivered strong candidates with top academic and technical backgrounds and I would absolutely recommend them."


Streamline your hiring with Capua

Get in touch today to see how Capua can support with your hiring

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